Android Apps And Where You Can Find Them

Looking for new and interesting apps for your Android? You don’t know about which websites you can find exciting games? We will help you with the search and provide you with a list of sites with the most recent and sophisticated applications. So, here is the top 5 of the best, watch and download!

The best of the best

Google Play

It’s no secret that the most popular and most visited site for applications is Google Play. We can say that everything is here: from famous online games on mobile to pocket bookkeeper and mini-encyclopedias.


A safe resource that is rich in useful software for any gadget. The site offers not only well-developed phone applications but also guarantees security for your phone system.


This resource is recognized as one of the best sites for downloading games and applications. Firstly, it is the largest, and secondly, it has a convenient and structured system, where all applications are divided into categories.


Worthy alternative for Google Play. Amazon offers at least a wide range of applications and games.


If you can not find this store in the search engine, you can get to it through the link: This is a fairly new resource but, despite its newness, is worthy of attention. Convenient and thoughtful interface, pleasant and unobtrusive design, a wide choice of games, simulators, applications that are constantly updated.

There are many equally reliable resources for applications. So do not be afraid to try, but trust only secure sites.

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