Everything That You Need To Know About The Research Paper

The research paper is a piece of academic writing which has the collection of information about the topic and the sum of the resources you used to draw the information. It represents the analysis and interpretation of the researches and findings done by the writer.

A research paper could be of two forms, namely typical research paper and serious research paper. Be it in any form, what a research paper does is to present your own arguments and interpretation to help you further in writing the actual essay. A research paper could also be said as an extended form of the essay.

How To Frame The Research Paper?

To get started, go through the format of the research paper. It includes- Title, Abstract, Intro, Manuscript, Refrence, and Tables. However, there are more things to be included in a research paper like methodology, discussion, etc, but including or excluding them depends on the type of research paper you are framing.

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