Juvederm Dermal Fillers Comparison

Juvederm fillers include a wide range of products, each of which has its own characteristics and functional purpose. The synthetic analogue of hyaluronic acid prevails in the composition of the preparations. The manufacturer of the agents is Allergan, the largest concern in the USA.

The preparations of this line have been appreciated not only by patients, but also by doctors who specialize in giving injections of beauty. And this is not surprising, because Juvederm fillers can be evenly distributed under the skin, besides, they work for a long time. An important role is played by the quality characteristics of the products, which ensure them maximum level of safety.

Main Products in the Line

The product line contains the following substances:

• “18” provides smoothing of wrinkles of different depths in various areas;

• “24” effectively fights against wrinkles of medium depth and provides lip contour correction;

• “30” shapes the face and contributes to the correction of the shape of the lips, especially in the case of cicatricial changes that occurred after injuries;

• “HV” is suitable for global facial skin rejuvenation procedures and fights against age-related changes;

• “24-HV” eliminates nasolabial wrinkles, regardless of their depth;

• “30-HV” sets the facial contours and lifts the tissues that have sagged;

• “VOLUMA” provides full/ partial shaping of facial contours; Juvederm VOLUMA is used by patients who are over 50 years old.

There are preparations that were made earlier, as well as products containing a local anesthetic. As a result, the procedure of contouring is comfortable, and there is no pain.

Ultra Line

It includes a wide range of preparations with different mechanism of action and functions:

• “2” provides effective smoothing of mimic wrinkles, especially in the area of the forehead, eyes, lips;

• “3” is introduced into the middle and superficial layers of the skin, eliminates deep folds and makes the micro-relief smoother, the face becomes visually more fresh and tightened;

• “4” the agent is necessary to increase the volume of the lips, it is indispensable in the process of smoothing of the skin with serious folds;

• “Hydrate” the product is unique, because it contains another active substance mannitol, it is active for a long time and ensures the improvement of the quality characteristics of the skin;

• “Smile” the main function of the composition is to provide correction of the nasolabial triangle, the lips become more voluminous and even, and they also acquire smoothness and symmetry.

Many experts recommend using not one specific preparation, but their combination. Only this approach contributes to the achievement of optimal results even in the presence of serious imperfections.

Contraindications and Restrictions

The preparations should not be used in the following conditions:

• individual intolerance to hyaluronic acid, as well as additives;

• undergoing treatment aimed at stimulating the immune system;

• the occurrence of inflammation in the areas where the substances will be injected;

• recent use of laser treatments, including fractional grinding;

• pregnancy and breastfeeding;

• severe autoimmune diseases;

• diabetes;

• cancer.

If you have chronic somatic pathologies that are not included in this list, you must first consult your healthcare professional.

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