Showbiz as a way inside your inner world

There’s a large number of haters who always say that showbiz is all about the surface stuff and that people who track the news in this domain are shallow and have no real things to do in their lives. This is not true at all. This industry is about flamboyance, being artistic and standing out from the crowd. It’s not shallow, it’s bulging.

Why you gotta follow showbiz today?

We don’t mean that you have to spend hours every day, gossiping about the latests developments of personal lives of random celebrities. But, opening up to the world of showbiz, you will understand your own feelings, interests and desires a bit more. 

As women, we care about the way we look. It doesn’t make us shallow beings, but we just want to look great. 

So, following the news about your celebs, you’ll be able to better understand the latests undercurrents in the worlds of fashion and lifestyle. It’ll get clear to you what kind of dress you should wear to your date, or reunion, or an official-ish meeting with colleagues.

I like following Kardashians because I feel that we are very similar. I like learning about what they wear and what kinda things they talk about. This helps keeping in the loop about all things women chatter on because I work a lot and don’t always have the time to follow all those things on my own.

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