Things You Should Know about the UK Investor Visa

If you wish to work with UK business and invest in them, you can use this to get the Investor visa. However, aside from this money, you also need to meet the rest of the requirements and pay the fees. Let’s learn more about what you get with it.

The period you can stay in the UK with the investor visa

As soon as you receive your visa, you may live in the United Kingdom for 40 months. If there is a need, go through the extension process and get 2 more years. Most investors, use this opportunity to get permanent residency and, eventually, the UK passport. However, the timeframe differs based on how much you invest and for how long. For example, if you invest over £10 million, you can become a resident after 2 years and there will be no need to extend the investor visa. In case you invest less, e.g. £2 million, it’ll take you 5 years before you can start this process. You can find out all the details and get professional help with this process at

Things you can and can’t do with this visa

As it was mentioned earlier, you can get permanent residency and the UK passport. In addition, you can work or study in the UK. The list of things you can’t do is a bit longer but pretty narrow. For example, you can’t be a sportsperson, sports coach, doctor, or dentist (exclusions apply). What’s more, public funds are off limit.

If you are an investor, this type of visa is a great opportunity to settle in the UK.

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